Thank you Letter from Regional Director

Dear St. Martin of Tour Parish and Academy Staff and Students,

I just wanted to add a word of gratitude and amazement for all the things St. Martin’s is doing.  We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to the earthquake victims in Haiti but your involvement goes so much deeper and has grown so strong over the years.  It’s a real pleasure to see how your community has taken such significant steps to live in global solidarity with our brothers and sisters overseas.  I think St. Martin of Tours is our “model parish” in San Diego now.

Our latest report on Haiti just came in this afternoon so let me also share that with you.  Please share this widely and know of our deep appreciation fo r the generosity and engagement on behalf of the people of Haiti.

Peace and blessings,

James DeHarpporte

Regional Director
CRS West

Catholic Relief Services

3431 Park Blvd. #302

San Diego, CA  92103-5251

(Letter dated 2/18/10)

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