Faculty & Staff



Jennifer Miller: @

Vice Principal and FIFTH Grade Teacher

Nanette Soto: @

Workshop Way® COnsultant

Antoinette Dimuzio: @

Administrative Assistant:

Anne Pacheco: @

Administrative Assistant / librarian

Pam Barclay: @


Breanne Maxwell:  @

Director of Advancement & Development / Athletic director

Meg Schneider: @

Daycare Coordinator & Lunch Supervisor

Nanette Soto: @



Brenda Garay:  @

First Grade

Olivia Donnelly:  @

Second Grade

Julia Quintero:  @

Third Grade

Denise Pippin:  @

Fourth Grade

Laura Slomanson:  @

Fifth Grade Teacher & Vice Principal

Nan Soto:  @

Sixth Grade

Liana Zoni:  @

Seventh Grade

David Woltz:  @

Eighth Grade

Kristina Mosel:  @

Computers 1-8

Kristi Collins:  @

Physical Education (Grs. K-8)

Gus Serrano: @

Art (Grs. 5-8)

Jessica Velazquez: @

Art (Grs. K-4)

Anya Crowe: @

MUSIC (Grs.1-7)

Katie Brady: @

MUSIC (Grs. K, 8)

Julia Ortiz-Luis:  @



Anne Thompson:  @

Preschool Teacher

Gena Doane:  @

Preschool Teacher

Nikki Paredes: @

We now know we can give any learner power to feel their worth for no reason except that they exist and have self-discovered that they can learn, think, and manage their lives.

-Grace H. Pilon
Founder of Workshop Way

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