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Katherine Nguyen • Class of 2006

I attended St. Martin of Tours Academy from preschool to eighth grade and went to Cathedral Catholic for high school. After high school I...   Read More

Monita Kerley Murphy • Class of 1957

My family moved to La Mesa in December,1948 but we became parishioners even earlier. While our house was being built, we would drive from...   Read More

Kylie Dick • Class of 2009

St. Martin of Tours Academy has played such a huge role in the person I am today. I attended SMA Preschool-8th grade and graduated...   Read More

Elaine Carlin- Class of 1969

IT SEEMS A PERFECT TIME to be addressing students, especially students like you who are so exceptional in both the quality of your education,...   Read More

Faith Belville Phipps • Class of 1998

 I had a bit of a “late” introduction into the Workshop Way family- starting SMA in the 4th grade after a lackluster public school...   Read More

Laurel Barbot Bolin – Class of 2003

I attended St. Martin of Tours Academy from Pre-School through Eighth Grade and was part of the graduating Class of 2003. I have too...   Read More

Rachel Danielson • Class of 2014

After I left SMA, I went to Steele Canyon High School. It was a new start for me, since I was the only one...   Read More

Stevie Meech- Class of 2001

I was blessed to have attended SMA from 1st through 8th grade. I learned so much from my time at SMA and I made...   Read More

Shelby Cantonwine Kolligian – Class of 2004

I attended St. Martin of Tours Academy from kindergarten to 8th grade as a part of the class of 2004. There are so many...   Read More

Rasik Cauchon-Desai – Class of 2002

An education in caring. From kindergarten to 8th grade, St. Martin Academy taught me the fundamentals of English, Math, Science, Art, but also a...   Read More

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