Rachel Danielson • Class of 2014 – April 2019

After I left SMA, I went to Steele Canyon High School. It was a new start for me, since I was the only one going to Steele from my class. That was okay because I needed a fresh start. Many people will say they never enjoyed their high school experience; however mine was amazing. I’ve created amazing friendships and memories that will forever be in my heart. I played volleyball all throughout high school.

In February 2017 I fell ill and was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. It was an emotionally and mentally draining time for me. I missed about 140 days of school, and 110 were spent in the hospital. As a student who’s a junior and almost a senior in high school, it was difficult; however it showed me how much my friends truly cared for me, visiting and always talking to me. I kept a smile on my face and went on with life, and in October of 2017, I received ostomy surgery, which put me on the path of healing and being able to live my life once again. During that time I was given a “Make a Wish,” and went to Cartoon Network Studios. It has been my lifelong dream to work there and to have my own work be on screen.

When it comes to Workshop Way®, its philosophy shaped me to be responsible in actions, think in ways that no one would think, and with my line of work, accept criticism in the most positive way, and still learn what I need to learn. I enjoy involving people in what I do. If a group event happens, I make sure everyone knows what’s going on, so no one feels left out. I have several favorite memories of SMA but one in particular stands out from 7th grade. We were about to start playing football in PE. I was complaining about how I disliked the sport and didn’t want to play it, however Mr. Mains overheard me and said “You know, Rachel, not everyone likes to play volleyball either” and surprisingly, I enjoyed playing the sport. Another memory I had was sixth grade camp, such fun, enjoyable moments from ziplining, to hiking.

Currently I am at Platt College majoring in Video Production!

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