Traffic Procedures

Traffic MapTraffic Procedures

  1.  Drive slowly.  Keep traffic moving in a single line.  Pull forward to first stop sign.  Children should be ready for drop off/pick up.
  2. If the first driveway is backed up, enter the 2nd driveway along El Cajon Blvd.  DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTION ENTERING THE FIRST DRIVEWAY OR BLOCK DRIVEWAY TO UPPER PARKING LOT. Parents may park in the upper parking lot next to the parish hall to relieve congestion.  Always be aware of children and parents walking to cars.
  3. Children must exit/enter cars from passenger side only.
  4. Cars are not allowed to park in midsection of parking lot, in parking spaces adjacent to west gate or along west wall.  Spaces are marked with off with gold lines.
  5. Parents may park along mid section of El Cajon Blvd (south) wall if they wish to walk their child(ren), give last minute instructions, comb hair etc. or do business in school office.
  6. All pedestrians should walk along west wall or use the yellow cross walk marked for pedestrian use. Children (grades K-6) are not allowed to walk unsupervised through any area of the parking lot. Older siblings (grades 7, 8) will be allowed to walk younger siblings to cars.
  7. No children (other than those authorized to walk home) may walk to upper parking lot unsupervised to wait for or be picked up by parents.
  8. No children are to be picked up or dropped off in front of rectory, preschool or church.
  9. The purpose of safety patrol, parent volunteers, and faculty/staff is to help enforce traffic procedures and ensure the safety of your child(ren).  Please cooperate.


On rainy days parents may park anywhere in the lower parking lot or wait in the pick-up line with yellow family name card visible to staff members to call your child(ren) from class via walkie-talkie.  Do not leave car unattended in pick-up line.




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