Requirements for Volunteering



  1. Complete the Safe Environment Training online through CMG Connect.    (Step-by-step Instructions)
  • Select St. Martin of Tours Academy in La Mesa, not St. Martin of Tours Parish.
  • Complete the background check (expires after 5 years). Please note that this costs $25, and your FACTS account will be charged.
  • Complete the Safe Environment curriculum (expires after 5 years).
  • Provide the office with a copy of negative TB test (expires after 3 years).
  • Provide a copy of COVID vaccination card or negative test result taken within 72 hours of departure.


  1. Additionally, to drive on field trips or after-school sports/ activities, you will also need to:
  • Complete the Defensive Driving Curriculum (through CMG – never expires).
  • Provide the office with a copy of your current driver’s license.
  • Provide a copy of your insurance coverage showing minimum liability coverage of $100,000/300,000. 


What are service hours?

Service hours are those that parents contribute to the school as part of the contractual agreement for Tuition Rate 2.  Volunteer hours are those freely given over and above the service hour agreement for the benefit of the school.

Why are volunteers needed?

Services are needed in order to keep budget costs down.  The school relies on revenues from all fundraisers.  We depend on parent volunteers to assist in lunch supervision, the after school sports program, and all special events.  Without volunteers, tuition for Rate 2 would be higher.

What counts for service hours?  

Any work performed that either directly brings money into the school (fundraisers, donations), or provides services that would otherwise cost the school (coaching, lunch supervision, etc.) qualify for service hours.

Who may work service hours?  

Either parent or a relative (over the age of 18) may fulfill service hours.  Families who have completed their service hours may not assign their additional hours to another family.

On a given day, what if I am unable to fulfill my assignment?  

If unable to be present for an assigned duty you are asked to find a person to replace you.  If unable  to find a replacement, call the respective coordinator or the school office well in advance.   (This is especially important with a lunch duty assignment.)

What happens after I’ve completed my volunteer/service hours?

We appreciate all the support and assistance that our generous families give to the school.  Parents are encouraged to continue with volunteer work throughout the school year.  (We need services throughout the year!)

How do I keep track of my volunteer service hours?    

It is the responsibility of each family to log all volunteer service hours on-line on the school website, or in the appropriate record book at the time the service is rendered.  A log book is located in  the office.   It is extremely important that these hours are recorded immediately in order to avoid confusion and to receive accurate credit.  Statements, based on hours recorded, will be sent out at the end of January, and again in May.

All volunteer service hours must be completed and recorded by May 31, 2023.


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