Dress Code & Uniform Information


•    Our objective is to adhere to an adopted uniform policy that is conducive to providing an optimal learning environment with limited distractions and with consideration for safety and school identity.
•    The final decision regarding appropriate dress and grooming is left to the discretion of the school administration and teachers.
•    Clothing, hair and/or accessories should never be distracting in the classroom.
•    On certain days “dress uniform” is required. (i.e. School Mass, Grandparents’ Day, etc.)  Students must wear long pants (boys and girls) or uniform skirts / jumpers / skorts / capris (girls), school sweatshirt (no tears or holes) or school sweater/pullover with a white polo. Shorts will not be worn on those days.

School Uniform:

The Uniform Store •  8160 La Mesa Blvd.   •  619-466-5437       myschoolsuniform.com/smta


*May only be purchased through The Uniform Store (no online vendors)

*Jumper – plaid (choice for Mass) Girls K-3
*Skort – wrap front, double button, plaid  (choice for Mass) Girls K-3
Blouse (Peter Pan) – short or long sleeve  -white only (no logo required)   Girls K-3
*Skirt – multi pleat plaid (choice for Mass)   Girls 4-8
* Skort – Double tab, apron, plaid (choice for Mass)   Girls 4-8
*Pants – mid rise or standard – navy      Girls K-8
*Capri- mid rise or standard – navy  Girls K-8
*Shorts – mid rise or standard – navy  Girls K-8
 *Pants – twill flat front -navy   (mandatory for Mass) 
Boys K-8
* Shorts – twill flat front – navy  Boys K-8
Polo shirts: white or dark green knit (long or short sleeve)  *(logo required)  Both K-8

Sweatshirt- green  (purchased in school office) for P.E. Days

Forest Cardigan V-Neck with pocket (required) – Choice for Mass

Both K-8
Physical Education (PE) dark green dry fit tee & mesh black shorts
Both K-8
Shoes – white, brown, gray, black, or dark/medium blue solid color shoe (may have logo; laces must be predominant color of shoe: white, brown, or black;  laces must be tied correctly and securely)      

Socks- white, navy, black, dark green ( must be clearly visible above the ankle bone and shoe;ped type sockes & “no shows” socks are not permitted)

Both K-8

 Under-dresses (bike shorts for under jumper/skirt – navy, dark green, black)

Girls K-8
Belts-black with no large buckles  Boys 5-8

•     Fleece jacket – dark green (logo required) – not a choice for Mass

•     Windbreaker – dark green (logo required) -not a choice for Mass



    • Uniforms should always be clean and in good condition (no tears, holes, etc.)
    • Every student must own/wear a uniform cardigan. Non-uniform jackets may not replace a sweater/sweatshirt. Heavier jackets may be worn only when cold weather warrants.Under-dresses (bike shorts) -solid color black, navy, dark green, “short” shorts required under jumper/skirt.  Shorts may not show below hemline.

May be worn:

    • Turtleneck – white or white t-shirt (under uniform blouse/shirt)
    • Tights: white, black, navy blue, or dark green under uniform shorts or skirt (no leggings or footless tights)
    • Alterations may not be made to the school uniform, such as shortening hemline on skirts or shorts.
    • (Shorts and skirts may not be rolled up.)  Hemline must be to the knee to allow for growth during the year.
    • Boys pants must be regular fit.  No oversized pants will be permitted.
    • Light makeup may be worn. (7th & 8th grades only)
    • Hair color may not be altered. (i.e. bleached, colored highlighted, low lights, shimmers, extensions, etc.)
    • Hair length  –  hair out of the eyes (boys & girls) and above the collar (boys) – all grades
    • No piercings for boys of any kind, no plugs, and no earrings for girls exceeding a 1″ drop
    • Socks must be clearly visible above the shoe and above ankle bone (ped type socks  and “no-show” socks are not permitted)
    • Shirts should be tucked in. (underwear may never be showing)
    • No tattoos and/or writing on skin.
    • No excessive jewelry. Jewelry should be tasteful, not excessive, and appropriate for safe playground and P.E. activities (under discretion of teachers/administration).
Consequences for Non-Compliance:


1.    Non-uniform jackets or sweatshirts, worn during the school day, will be held in the office.

2.    When students are in violation of the dress code, a note of “uniform non-compliance” will be sent to parents by the classroom teacher.  (must be signed and returned)

3.   In the event a student is in non-compliance with any of the above guidelines, parents will be called to correct the violation and/or the student will not be allowed to return to the classroom until the violation is corrected.

Non-Uniform Dress Code
(birthdays, designated “free dress” days, school events )


“Free dress” will be allowed on certain, designated days.  Clothing must be clean, modest, and appropriate for school wear.   Please review guidelines below.  These guidelines apply also to attire for after school classes, sports, and other school events.

Please note:

    • Shorts:  only uniform or long, walking shorts may be worn.
    • No other types of  shorts will be permitted. (no jersey athletic shorts)
    • Socks:  socks/peds or stockings/tights must be worn
    • Shoes:  well secured, flat – suitable for P.E. and lunch time activities
    • Skirts/Dresses:  must be no higher than 2” above knee; no mini or short skirts/dresses

The following may not be worn:

  • shorts (see statement above)
  • sandals, high/stacked heels, shoes without backstraps, etc.
  • frayed or torn clothing
  • low cut dresses or tops
  • strapless, halter, tank, tube tops
  • bare midriff style tops
  • oversized shorts/pants worn low on hips
  • hats
  • excessive and/or large jewelry/make-up
  • t-shirts with advertising and/or inappropriate language/pictures
  • sweats           

We ask the cooperation of parents in ensuring compliance with these guidelines before a student arrives  at school on a “free dress” day or for a school event.  

Consequences for Non-Compliance:
1.  Parents will be called so that a change of clothes may be brought to school.
2.  Student may not return to classroom until in compliance with dress code.
3.  Student may lose the privilege of “free dress” on the next day(s) it is allowed.


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