Life Skills

As applied in the classroom
St. Martin Academy teaches life skills along with class curriculum such as:
  • habit of reflection, prayer, expressions of gratitude (journaling)
  • good manners, politeness (using words: “please”, “thank you”, “excuse me”)
  • helping out those who need assistance
  • to include, (and never exclude), others in activities, games, etc.
  • acceptance of another’s opinion, response, etc. (no laughing at mistakes)
  • focus on assigned task / awareness (meta-cognition)
  • waiting to be called on without interrupting and/or shouting out
  • willingness to risk and to be actively involved in learning activities
  • listening to the one speaking, (teacher or peer), without hand up, interrupting
  • response to direction, one & two bells (“stop-power”)
  • coming to class each day with required supplies (paper, pencils, etc.)
  • keeping class materials together, organized and in correct place
  • remembering to take home items needed at end of day
  • remembering assignments, supplies needed, and other tasks
  • taking care of textbooks (covered), library books, reference and other materials
  • sharing responsibility for upkeep of classroom, desk, shelves, etc.
  • carefulness / neatness / organization in preparation of papers, writing, headings, etc.
  • resourcefulness in regard to finding necessary materials, beginning tasks, etc.
  • ability to evaluate own work, follow rubrics, find and correct mistakes
  • taking care of all school areas /property (restrooms, play and lunch areas, walkways)
  • taking care of personal property (jackets, lunch containers, back packs, etc.)


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