Intermediate Grades 4-6


A student who graduates from St. Martin of Tours Academy is expected to be:

1. An active Christian who:

a. has a foundation in Catholic teaching

b. internalizes a system of values based on the teachings of Jesus Christ

c. has global awareness and a concern for social justice

d. recognizes and responds to needs within the community

e. values and respects all of God’s creation and diversity in all peoples

2. A diligent learner who:

a. has developed and uses higher level thinking skills

b. exhibits basic learning skills

c. is able to assess individual strengths and needs for growth

d. can work collaboratively in the learning process

e. has developed resourcefulness and independence in work habits

f. takes pride in achievement

3. A lifelong learner who:

a. embraces circumstances in life as opportunities for growth

b. retains an enthusiasm for learning

c. is motivated to reach full academic and creative potential

d. has developed study skills and lifetime learning habits

4. An integrated individual who:

a. has discovered feelings of intelligence and power of management

b. has developed responsibility and self-discipline

c. has confidence and sense of self-worth

d. is comfortable in taking risks

e. affirms accomplishments in self and others

5. An effective communicator who:

a. can express thoughts clearly and confidently

b. has good listening skills

c. utilizes technology as a tool of communication

d. respects varying points of view and perspectives

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