Why Choose St. Martin Academy?

 Why choose St. Martin of Tours Academy?

St. Martin of Tours Academy (K-8) is fully accredited by both Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA). Preschool is available for children ages 3-5. Choosing a Catholic education gives your child(ren) advantages for life. Among the benefits: daily religious instruction and prayer, participation in liturgies and sacraments, and an emphasis on moral values and spiritual development integrated throughout the curriculum.

Children have a right to grow to the fullest of their potential in an atmosphere of utmost reverence and respect. St. Martin Academy’s environment facilitates the learning process, blending academic achievement with a Christian perspective on life and an understanding of human nature.

With a student-centered orientation, teachers work in close communication with parents to strive toward the development of the whole child with an emphasis on self-esteem, confidence and motivation to be life long learners. To this end, we employ a process ensuring all students have equal opportunities to develop higher-level thinking skills, to learn, and to make responsible decisions.

St. Martin of Tours Academy believes that:

  • each person is unique and has his/her own timing and way for learning
  • mistakes are an inevitable part of being human and are not a reflection of one’s intelligence
  • children, by nature, have an innate love for learning and that classrooms must be “labs” for learning so as to stimulate their intellectual curiosity
  • daily opportunities for logical, critical, and creative thinking must be afforded to students for learning subject matter and for responsible decision making for future living
  • an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect in the classrooms is essential for mental and emotional security for students
  • a noncompetitive, cooperative, safe atmosphere will convey God’s acceptance and unconditional love for the uniqueness of each individual
  • experiencing justice in the classroom will lead students to seek justice in the world and to respond to the needs of others now and in the future


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