Graduation Speech by Jennalyn R. • Class of 2018

Good afternoon to all the parents, teachers, staff members, friends, and family here today.  Over the years, St. Martin’s has taught me and my classmates many life skills and study skills as well as learning habits across all subjects in school.  We have had regular opportunities to learn about our church and to grow in our faith.  We know we’ll take God with us wherever we go.

Workshop Way has been an impactful part of our schools curriculum.  From kindergarten until 5th grade we were given responsibility sheets.  These worksheets would help us reinforce our pronunciation and reading skills, as well as help us to build confidence and make eye contact with our teacher.  Every morning we would go through our Workshop tasks that reinforced knowledge in all subject areas.  This was a way of giving us more responsibility for our work, as well as time management skills.  All the tasks would correspond to what we learned throughout our year.  Hung up in every classroom are Workshop Way truth signs, which gave us daily reminders about learning.  Some examples of these are: “It is okay to make mistakes”, that is the way we learn”, “We all learn at our own pace”, and “It is intelligent to ask for help.”  We were also taught throughout school to takes risks, which we did in our many presentations in front of our classmates and in performances such as the Advent program.

Our Schoolwide Learning Expectations, and/or SLE’s have also been instilled in all of us.  As active Catholic Christians, Diligent Learners, Lifelong Learners, Integrated Individuals, and Effective Communicators, we all now leave SMA knowing that in many different ways we have achieved and exhibited these expectations.  Thank you to all the wonderful teachers we have been blessed to have, our 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Pippin, our Principal, Mrs. Dimuzio, and our Pastor, Father Chris.

I have learned so much throughout my years here and I’m grateful for my SMA family.  I am especially grateful for my classmates, most of whom I have been with since Kindergarten.  These special friendships, along with all of our academic accomplishments, have ensured that we are well-prepared for moving onto high school.  I wish everyone the best of luck in high school, and wherever we may end up in the future.  The Class of 2018 and I, although sad to leave, are very much excited for the next chapter of our lives, and will never forget what this academy has taught all of us.   Thank you.


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