Graduating “Families” 2016 -What SMA has meant to them.

As a parting family we want to say THANK YOU to the staff, parents, and students who made our combined 12 years at SMA a wonderful and grace-filled experience.  From the moment we dropped Ben & Mia off at preschool and throughout the years, we have felt a sense of belonging, support and Christian love.  You will always have a special place in our hearts and we will continue to keep you in our prayers.  God Bless.
With heart felt gratitude and appreciation for all our experiences, we leave the SMA Family.  We selected SMA for its warm school welcome and strong school leadership.  We will never forget the relationships forged at this community here.  It is with gratitude and bittersweet emotion that we leave SMA as we embrace the next adventure.  Thank you from our hearts!
St. Martin has provided an atmosphere in which our son has flourished academically, socially and spiritually!  The teachers are ordinary people with extraordinary hearts, giving freely of their time, expertise and inspiration.
SMA has made a lasting impression on us.  We selected SMA with the hopes that our children would receive an education and skills that would better prepare them for HS and beyond.  The teachers at SMA truly care and engage deeply with our children and us as parents.  We know our children have been deeply enriched by their experience and the relationships they’ve developed here with all those that make SMA a great school community.  God bless SMA!
I will miss the Walkathon, such a great “school spirit” booster!  Both my girls have excelled in school as a result of the education here, specifically Workshop Way.  They are very self-motivated, confident and eager to learn new things.  I even use WW as I teach new nurses: It is intelligent to ask for help, we all learn from out mistakes and we are all unique in how we learn.  My family and I will truly miss SMA and are grateful to God that we were part of this loving community.
We feel thankful and blessed that all three of our children have spent their young, formative years at SMA.  Mrs. Dimuzio, teachers, and staff have provided an environment that has fostered independence, a love of learning, and compassion in our children.  We are confident that Gabriella is well prepared for high school as were her brother and sisters.  We will greatly miss this special faithful school community!
This concludes our second year at SMA.  We have felt very welcome by the parents, staff, and students.  The transition for Christian going to a new school went as well as could be expected and I believe that is due in large part to the values the parents instilled to their children and the high expectations from the staff.  Thank you very much!
Julia has been at SMA for 9 years and it’s hard to believe she is graduating from 8th grade already.  She has learned so much and has made so many wonderful friends. As our family “graduates” from SMA, we will leave with many fond memories and special friendships.  We are grateful to have been part of St. Martin of Tours Academy with Julia and her big sister Emily for the last 9 years.
It’s hard to believe we made our first school drop off in 1998 with our son Zach, continued with son Jacob and now 18 years later we will be making our last drop off with our youngest, Katie.  Letting go of each of their hands was never hard to do because SMA has always been a safe and loving place for them.  Each had such different learning styles but each was able to grow and thrive.  It has been wonderful growing up with so many beautiful loving families.  Thank You SMA staff & families.
When we came to SMA 12 years ago, we already knew of Workshop Way and the school’s excellent reputation. Our daughter Sophia graduated SMA in 2013 and now Grace is graduating.  Mrs. Dimuzio was Sophi’s 1st grade teacher.  Her caring observations were a great help for Sophia.  In Sophi’s 8th SLE presentation, she acknowledged her gratefulness for the support she received from Mrs. Dimuzio.  Through every grade, each of her teachers seemed to be the exact teacher Sophia needed at that time to be her best self.  Gracie was next for SMA.  At the end of every grade, she would state that THAT teacher (for whichever grade) was her favorite!  SMA provided a place for her to embrace her values and her teachers have always seen her, for who she is as a person, and I believe they do that for every child.  All of her teachers have validated Grace’s successes and been there with love, kindness and understanding when she has had bumps in the road. I know that we made the absolute right decision when we chose this school for our daughters.


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