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Ongoing Fundraisers


History of Bingo

It was in September of 1976 that our parish instituted Bingo as a way to subsidize the operating costs of the school. It was the same year that the school was on the verge of closing because of financial difficulties. A group of parishioners and school parents made a commitment to staff Bingo. Some of them have continued to do so for the past 30 years. We owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude. We have all benefited because of their generosity.

Importance of Bingo to SMA Families today

This fundraiser is the reason we are able to offer discounted rates and also reduced “family rates” for the second and third children in a family. Bingo subsidizes the financial deficit that occurs whenever a family is paying less that the actual, per pupil cost of education. We are grateful that, with Bingo and just two other fundraisers, we can keep the tuition affordable for more families. It is, therefore, important that every family who is benefiting, assist with Bingo. It provides our largest financial subsidy.

E-Scrip Benefit app

Earn money for SMA though a new and easy app!  Electronic Scrip (eScrip) has partnered with Benefit – a free iPhone or Android phone app that can be used to pay for everyday purchases such as groceries, clothes, home goods, and more. You can pay on site at the store or online. A percent (up to 20%) of your purchase goes directly back to our school. Retailers like Starbucks, The Home Depot, Target, Walmart, Amazon and many more! Download the app and add St. Martin of Tours Academy as your beneficiary to start giving. Find more information and the app at

Box Tops for Education (General Mills products)

Earn Cash for Our School! Each Box Top is worth 10¢ – and that adds up for our school. (A container for box tops is in the school office.)

Box Tops On-line:

In addition, consider signing up for and start every online shopping trip at the marketplace. Choose from stores like JCPenney and Lands’ End, etc. Over 60 popular online stores partner with Box Tops to help our schools earn the extra cash it needs. When you make a qualifying purchase, the store donates a percentage to our school.


visit to register your Ralphs card. SMA’s number is 80700. Questions? Call 1-800-443-4438.


St. Martin of Tours Academy’s identification number is 70009232.


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