The staff and students of St. Martin of Tours Academy have the opportunity to participate in a Walkathon each year to raise funds for something that directly benefits our school and education. Walkathons have a record of being successful fund-raisers. It is also a wonderful community event and an opportunity to focus on physical fitness and teamwork.

Walkathon 2017 – “65 Years of Tradition” March 17, 2017

Our 26th annual Walkathon campaign was a great success!  The event itself is a highlight of each school year and an occasion when we can clearly see the spirit, teamwork, and cooperation that typifies this community. We will once again enjoy the beautiful scenery and facilities at Santee Lakes.

Besides being an occasion to gather and celebrate as a community, Walkathons have a record of being successful fundraisers. With the donations collected with this Walkathon we will be able to pay off the balance of the rubberized playground flooring, update the school’s sound system and have funds available for STREAM. (science, technology, religion, engineering, arts, mathematics)   We are very happy to be able to afford to do these improvement thanks our donors.  Recently, the school received a generous donation for a classroom set of Chromebooks.  We are thrilled to be able to purchase these laptops for our students.   Any additional donations received from our Walkathon will be used for the purchase of more Chromebooks for the junior high students.

As a fair trade designated school, we purchase fair trade, organic, cotton t-shirts from Hae Now Organic Tee!  We are proud to purchase t-shirts that use organic fair trade cotton produced by Chetna India farmers, union made in a Fair Trade USA® Approved Facility and dyed with low-impact colorfast non-animal dyes.  The idea for our t-shirt logo was created by eighth grade student Claire Connors.

Walkathon 2016 – “Walk with Francis”Globe and cross and hands-5 for blog

Our 25th annual Walkathon was held on March 11, 2016.  In keeping with the theme of Pope Francis to live justly on God’s earth and to care for our most vulnerable brothers and sisters, we chose to respond by offering Fair Trade, organic, dye free cotton t-shirts!  The idea for the logo was created by two of our eighth grade students, Isabelle K. and Shae H.  We thank everyone who worked so hard to make this event so successful.  Over $25,000 was raised to replace the wood chips in the primary playground to a rubber playground flooring.  The work will be completed during the summer of 2016.

Walk 4th Walk gr. 5Walkathon line up


Walkathon 2015 at Santee Lakes

There were over 400 students, parents, friends walking around Santee Lakes Sarah's Palette -and then enjoying the picnic that followed. It was an outstanding event. The spirit of our community was inspiring. And we are excited to have exceeded our fundraising goal of $20,000!

The funds will be used to update our school website, purchase a 10-pack of iPads and replace outdated docu-cameras which helps us keep up to date with technology.

All of us at St. Martin of Tours Academy, students, staff, and parents, are very grateful for the support of our community.

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