PNL May 19, 2017

Dear Parents,

Once again Grandparents’ Day was a big success.  All the planning and preparation were both evident and appreciated. The liturgy, the student art work, and of course, the class performances were so loved by the grandparents. The food stations worked out very well along with photographers taking pictures in the classroom.  All the extra little special touches helped to make it a perfect morning for all who were here. A special thank you goes to Mari Waldron who secured a six-seater golf cart to transport grandparents from the church, to the school and the hall.  That was a gift to many!  Thank you to Anna Kennedy and all the room parents and volunteers who worked very hard to make this event so special.

Montebello update: We thank all the parents & staff who attended the Planning Commission public meeting:  Amanda, Alex, & Brandon Freeman, Jim Iagmin, Anna Kennedy, Brian Kingston, Fabjola Lorja, Kevin McMahon, Shelby Tucker (thank you for speaking!) & Mari Waldron.  A special thank you to Eric Crockett who represented our school and school board, attended meetings and facilitated conversations on our behalf, Father Jim for his determination that the school is protected as much as possible and Fr. Chris, who also attended several meetings with Father Jim to ensure the safety & health of our school children & the school property.  All concerns were met.  It was requested that the project begin after June 9, 2018 so that most demolition work will be done in the summer.   (see below)

Owners, Arnold & Valeria Schmidt will donate:
triple paned tinted windows & screens for 2nd & 3rd gr. classrooms, privacy screens installed to the top of entire west side fencing, temporary sound /acoustical blankets on west side fences, hepa filters for air/heating units, power washing, landscaping & irrigation on west side of property.  Deliveries will be restricted from entering the project site from El Cajon Blvd.  between 7:40-8:10am and 2:20-2:45pm.  The location of dumpsters, lay down yard, break area, lunch area, smoking area will be as far from school as practical.

As we quickly approach the end of another school year, it is appropriate for us to evaluate our progress. Students have begun assessing themselves according to our Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs). These are statements of what a student should know, understand, value and be able to do upon graduating from our school. These learning outcomes have been collaboratively developed and represent the focus of the entire school community.

Students in the primary grades will be working on a SLE booklet to evaluate themselves according to the five main categories of expectations. The students in grades 4-7 will assess themselves using the form, “Indicators for Student Learning Expectations”. As a graduation requirement, the eighth grade students write a report which includes a short autobiography of their years at St. Martin of Tours Academy, a written assessment of all the Schoolwide Learning Expectations and completion of the above form. The students are encouraged to outline their strengths and recognize areas of further growth. The culmination of this project is an oral presentation and power point to the shareholders of the school community (teachers, staff, parents and students).

At the Open House next Thursday, May 25, the SLE assessments for grades K-7 will be distributed to parents as a part of each student’s portfolio/folder. The eighth grade presentations will be on May 22-26 at 11:45-12:30pm in the library. We would like to invite you to attend one of these sessions. Your presence as a shareholder is of vital importance. This is an opportunity for all parents, but especially those who have younger children, to witness the life skills our eighth grade students have accomplished that bridge them successfully into their secondary education. Please contact the school’s office to make an appointment or just come. Everyone is welcome!

Toni Dimuzio

Alumni News:
Preston Munoz, Class of 2016, was awarded Pope Francis Outstanding Leadership & Service Award for Freshman Year 2016-2017 at Mater Dei High School. Congratulations Preston!

During this time of the year, we occasionally receive graduation notices from our alumni and this week we received one from Austin Bushree, Class of 2009.  His mom Valerie wrote a note to the staff that we would like to share with you.

Hello All at SMA,
      Just thought you might want to know how wonderful your education was for the Bushree Boys.  They both are flourishing in the San Francisco area.  Austin graduates and will be assigned to graduate studies at Stanford University!  We are so proud.  He will be working on global energy, sustainability, physics and computer science.  Brian is a junior at USF this fall and also studying computer science.
       We thank you for all of your heartfelt studies and patience with our head strong boys over the K-8 years.  St. Martin’s is our family and we love your guys.  God Bless, Val & Rick, Austin and Brian

Community Garden – Volunteers Needed – tomorrow!
On Saturday, May 20th (8am) we are asking for adult volunteers to help in the garden.  We are replacing the soil in the 10 beds.  This is a service hour opportunity!  Bring your wheel barrel, shovels, rakes & gloves.  We will meet at the Peace Garden entrance.
Any help would be appreciated!

√  Padres vs Diamondbacks – Catholic Schools Night – 7:10pm tonight
√  Community Garden work party -Sat. 8am (Peace Garden)
√  SLE presentations begin Mon. 5/2

Picnic Dinner & Academy Open House
All are invited!
Thursday • May 25, 2017
• 5-6:15pm   Dinner on the field
• 5:45-7:00pm   Open House
(pizza dinner proceeds benefit 6th gr. camp 2018)

Make up Bingo Night
This is a final opportunity to complete your class kitchen hours at BINGO Wed. May 31st.  Contact the school office to confirm your attendance.

Service Hours -completed by 5/31
Log in your service hours by May 31st under the “Parent Sign In” on the school website.

Jacket Found

A women’s black jacket was left in church or hall after Grandparents’ Day.  (Hering brand- medium with zipper front)  Please call the office if this belongs to you.
George Johnston Sr.
12/23/26 – 5/16/16
Lynne Johnston’s father-in-law passed away this week in Dallas, Texas.  Lynne and her family will be out of town next Wednesday – Friday to attend the services.
Please keep the Johnston family in your prayers.


Please keep in your prayers John Dimuzio for healing.

~  classroom newsletter (K)
~  parish bulletin 5/14/17
Courtesy Flyer:  City of La Mesa Summer Sports Camps

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