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Our school website has the information that comes in your parent envelope.    The parent newsletter, calendars, event notifications and announcements can be found on the front page.  There is the option of using the SMA Google Calendar to add events to your personal calendar.

New Families: We ask that you log in with a password on the SMA website.  Once logged in, please fill out the master form with your names, tuition rate and your child(ren) name and grade. Note:  select “Save” at the bottom of the page.  In October, you will be asked to choose a conference date and time online with your child’s teacher.  This date will remain the same for all 3 conferences during the school year.  The service hour section is also available to you to keep track of your service hours.  We ask that you keep up to date recording your hours shortly after completed.  Please be careful of the date entered (especially the year) so the statement reflects the actual current hours.  Clicking on the “search” button enables you to view your statement.

A Note about E-Mail:
Every teacher has their own e-mail.  The purpose of e-mail is not to replace personal contact with teacher/parent/student or to replace conferences. If parents are concerned about their child’s progress, an appointment with the teacher can be made via e-mail. E-mails directly to teachers should be related to issues or concerns that only the teacher can address. Teachers will check their e-mail every day and will respond within 24 hours.

September Parent Classroom Meetings  (held in the classroom of each grade)
Please plan to attend these very important meetings. (Remember that every year is new!) The teachers want 100% parent attendance in their classes that evening! (adults only, please).  Agendas include an overview of curriculum and daily schedule, class projects, expectations regarding “homework” responsibility sheets, Workshop Way® schedule/tasks, policies, etc. If there is a question you would like covered, please e-mail the teacher before the meeting.

Thursday, September 7            Thursday, September 14
•  Grades 1-3  @ 6:00 p.m.                       •   Grades 4-8   @ 6:00 p.m.

Family Directories
Family directories, listing school and preschool families’ phone numbers and e-mails only are being prepared.   We have been noticing a trend that parents are not opting to list their addresses in the directory.  If you have a change in phone numbers or email, please contact the school office by Friday, Sept. 8th.  The directories are for the use of St. Martin Academy families only.  The directory is not to be used for solicitation purposes.  The school directory will be emailed to families in pdf form.  If you would like a paper copy, please email the school office.

Parents/Visitors on Campus  
The school grounds are private property. For security purposes, anyone coming on campus must first report to the school office to sign in.   Permission from the principal is required of all visitors to the classrooms or other facilities during school hours. Visitors will receive a “visitors” badge.  When the visitors leave, they must sign-out and turn in their badge.  This policy applies to all except employees of the school, parish staff and students currently enrolled here.

Regarding Birthday Invitations
Invitations may not be distributed in the classroom or on the school campus unless every student in a class (or all the boys or all the girls) are invited to a birthday party.  Otherwise, it is the parents’ responsibility to send out the invitations from home.  If all the children in a class are not invited to a party, please encourage your child to not discuss his/her party, who is invited, etc. at school.  (We don’t want children to feel excluded or hurt … and it has happened more than we would like to see.)  Also, do not bring to school any cupcakes, candy, etc.  Your child may come in free dress the day of their birthday and it will be celebrated in a special way in the classroom.

Annual Notification to Parents
In accordance with federal asbestos regulations, our school maintains a file with the results of asbestos surveys in various buildings at our school.  This file is available for review.

Meet our New Teachers & Staff!

Ms. Sophi Gonzalez • Music Teacher K-5

Ms. Kathy Ashcraft • Art Teacher K-4 • Instructional Aide Grade 3

Mrs. Ashley Carpenter • P.E. K-4

Ms. Alexis Robles • Day Care Supervisor

Mrs. Lorena Gonzalez • Day Care Supervisor

Collection for Victims of Hurricane Harvey
We are giving students the opportunity to make a donation to help provide food, clothing, shelter and a network of support services to those dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Donations will be collected in each classroom.  Donations will be sent to Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.

This Sunday, families will also be able to contribute through the loose change
collection boxes at the entrances of church.

Checks are also welcome – payable to Catholic Charities (Houston).
Donations in any amount are appreciated.

Garden Work Party!
Saturday (8am-10am)

Bring your own water, rakes, shovels, trowels, GLOVES, pruners and even weed wackers (bring extension cords)!  Park by the parish hall and join parishioners & SMA parents as we prepared the garden area for the students.
This is a service hour opportunity!

Please keep in your prayers. . .
Monica Dietsch, grandmother to Madison Gates, (gr. 7)

~  Cross Country & Track Season 2017-2018  (K-4)
(5-8 -passed out in classroom for those who are interested)
~  classroom newsletters (K, 2)
~  After school Classes
Woodshop Wizard (1-5)
Lisa Campbell Guitar Lessons (K-8)
Hola!  Conversational Spanish! (K-5)
Mad Science (K-6)
Mrs. Collins Dance Class (3-8)
~  Parish bulletins 8/27/17



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