Parent Newsletter 10/5/17

Fair Trade Fundraiser for 6th Grade Camp

The fifth grade class is proud to offer an opportunity for parents to purchase coffee, chocolate & tea through Equal Exchange and gift items through CRS Ethical Trade catalogs.  A portion of your purchase will go towards the 6th grade camp fund 2019.  Every purchase counts!  Orders need to sent in by Nov. 9th. Consider doing your Christmas shopping when perusing the catalogs!

Why Fair Trade Fundraisers?
Fair Trade certification signifies that artisans and farmers in the poorest areas of the world have received fair, living wages for their products or ingredients. In addition, certain standards must be met in the production process.  These include protecting the environment, building economic sustainability, and providing opportunities for education and health care for families.  Young children are also protected from forced labor. Fair Trade truly addresses the root cause of human trafficking.

Our school is proud to be a designated Fair Trade School.  Check out our site on Fair Trade Campaigns:

La Mesa Fair Trade Gift Faire at St. Martin’s next Sunday!
We invite families, friends and parishioners to come & shop at our St. Martin’s annual Fair Trade Gift Faire next Sunday from 8am-1:30pm in the parish hall.  The fifth grade class will have a table to sell their chocolate bars, teas and a variety of gift items.  Attendees can enjoy samples of fair trade coffee, tea, chocolate and ice cream while perusing gift items such as handmade baskets, jewelry, clothing, home décor, crafts and more.  Ben & Jerry’s Fair Trade ice-cream samples begin at 10am.  The eighth grade class will also host the bake sale. Come and experience a better way to shop.  This is a great time to think about your Christmas purchases.  Gifts that count – gifts that matter – gifts that are one of a kind!

School Website Conference Sign-Up Procedures  (required by all parents!) 
Conference Sign-ups for Grades K-5
Online registration for conferences begins on Monday, October 9 at 12pm for parents who have children in grades K-5.  Please do not log on the site before 12pm.  The conference times you choose will be the same for each conference for the 2017-2018 school year. Conferences are Nov. 1, 2, 3 •  Jan. 24, 25, 26 • Mar. 21, 22, 23.

Conference Sign-ups for Junior High – Grades 6-8
We are trying out a new procedure with regard to conferences for junior high students.  All the junior high teachers would like to meet at the same time with each student and their parent.  We are setting up a schedule to accommodate this, which will change our usual conference times in order for each student to have a meeting time.  Conferences will be held Monday through Friday instead of only Wednesday through Friday.  However, for the first round of conferences Halloween falls on the Tuesday, which would be an inconvenience for everyone, so for the first quarter, the conferences for junior high will be held on the following days:  Nov. 1, 2, and 3rd and then also the Monday and Wednesday of the following week, Nov. 6th and 8th.  The second and third quarter conferences will follow a Monday through Friday format, all in the same week. You can sign up for those conferences closer to March before the second quarter ends.

A separate email will be sent out to parents who have students in junior high to register for the conference time.  Parents will not be able to sign up on the school website but rather by emailing, calling or coming into the school office to select conference times.  Please respond at your earliest convenience once you receive the email notification.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We appreciate your patience as we work out the best procedure for conducting junior high conferences.

A Family Sponsorship Still Available!
Congratulations to those who were able purchase a family sponsorship! The parking spaces and Christmas Program seating have sold out.  The 2018 Grandparents’ Day Experience (2) is still available:

Grandparents’ Day Experience (2)  $500 for the package
• Front row parking spot  • Front pew at Mass (Jesus side; 4-6 people)
• Aisle seats in 3rd row of Parish Hall for student performance  • 2 opportunity drawing tickets

Contact Claudia Casanova at @ if you are interested in the package.  Donations from businesses are still being requested.  Sponsors and advertising forms are on the school website.

Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge – October 14th
Students are invited to participate in a soccer challenge sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.  A score sheet (attached with this email) will need to be accompanied with a copy of a birth certificate for all who will be participating in the council championship at St. Martin of Tours. The competition begins at 9AM and will end by 1PM. Age groups are 9 and 10 (boys and girls), 11 and 12 (boys and girls) and 13 and 14 (boys and girls). District championships and Chapter championships will follow on the 21st and 28th.

On Saturday, please enter through the day care gates and come down to the field. The first age group begins at 9:30 – 10:30am, the second group 10:30 -11:30am and the third group 11:30- 12:30pm. These times are not concrete, but as a guide to respect the participants’ and volunteers’ efforts. We know that some children are participating in sports on weekends; the times are guides to address these circumstances.  If there are any questions, please contact Luigi Zoni at 980-3313 or @.

Celebrating Halloween at SMA
On Tuesday, October 31, students will be allowed to wear Halloween costumes. Please follow the guidelines below.
•  age appropriate and should represent an appropriate character
•  no violent connotations (war, fights, attacking/shooting, skull & crossbones etc.)
•  comfortable and safe / appropriate for school work
•  one that will not interfere with school work
•  no hair color or wigs
•  shoes and socks  (as outlined in school dress code)
•  no accessories and /or detachable parts (wands, sword, lanterns, etc.)
•  no masks nor anything that covers the face (including face paint)
•  boys should not dress as girls and vice-versa

School “free dress” guidelines which pertain to short shorts, skirts, low cut tops, bare midriffs, etc., all apply.  We ask that good judgement be used so that we will not have to spend time calling parents.  Wearing costumes is strictly optional; students may wear their uniforms, if they wish.  If not wearing a uniform, must be a “real”, easily recognizable costume…not look like free-dress (i.e. “skateboarders”,  “everyday people”, etc.)
SMA is on Facebook! Please “like” us and ask your friends and family to do the same. Photo Release forms that have been completed by SMA parents have given us information regarding your authorization for having your child pictured on social media.    If you would like to review your Photo Release form please call or email the school office.   Names will never be shared.  Our hope is that families looking for a great school, will check out what we have to offer and see activities inside and outside the classroom to give them another avenue to view our school in addition to our website.

Alum of the Month – October 2017
Eric Pacheco is our Alum of the Month for October.  Son of Anne & Mark Pacheco, Eric took the place of someone who will do a write up at a later date.  Eric is from the Class of 2002.  Hope you read about what he has been up to since graduating from SMA.

• Blessing of the Animals tomorrow (10/6)  See last week’s newsletter for guidelines or visit our website:
• School Mass next Friday, 10/13. (dress uniform)


Lionel Avila has been playing the flute for ten years. He is a professional flute player and flute teacher in the San Diego area.  As an alum of SDSU, he had a blast performing Mozart for grades K-5 during their music class!

Marijuana Dispensaries Update:
At the September 26th City Council Meeting, City Attorney Glenn Sabine and Assistant City Attorney Greg Lusitana presented the process of closing illegal dispensaries. On Friday, September 29th, Judge Gregory W. Pollack in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of SD, ordered that the illegal marijuana dispensary located at 7609-7615 El Cajon Boulevard cease operations.  Since the passage of Measure “U” in November of 2016, the City has closed 20 dispensaries in 17 locations (many located on University Ave.), with 3 additional closures through the Code Enforcement process and 4 more in currently pending litigation. City officials, with proper notice can perform a shutdown inspection on the interior and exterior of the property in order to ensure compliance with the La Mesa Municipal Code and/or California Fire Code. If the illegal dispensary owners fail to comply with this Order, the City is authorized to ensure the closure occurs by a “use of force” entry to prevent the owners from continuing to operate.

It is of utmost importance for the community to report these dispensaries and their activities to the City – as the discovery of a new dispensary will lead to a quicker pursuit of its closure. Please report any new dispensaries, signs or illegal activities to the City by contacting any of the following:

1. Community Development, Carol Dick 619-667-1187
2. Code Enforcement Officer, Carole Blake 619-667-1189
3. LM Police Dept. 619-667-1400 or On Duty Watch Commander (non-emergency) 619-667-1516

You can find a list of illegal marijuana facilities and a map at:

Please keep in your prayers Joyce Logsdon & Monica Dietsch

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