Parent Newsletter • March 29, 2018

Easter Dinner Prayer

(a grace prayer before a meal)


As we gather together as family and friends we invite you once again into our lives.
May the hope of your resurrection color our days.
May the promise of your spirit working in us light up our lives.
May the love you revealed to us shape our giving.
May the truth in your word guide our journeys,
And may the joy of your kingdom fill our homes.

As we gather together underneath the banner of your life,
We thank you for all the wonderful food that we can now enjoy,
And celebrate your glorious resurrection.

Thank you Lord.

May Easter touch your heart and fill your life with love.
Toni Dimuzio and St. Martin of Tours Academy Staff



Walkathon Financial Report as of March 28, 2018

Income: $32,320.50

Walkathon Donations $26,167.00
Lunch $1,557.75
T-Shirts (paid-adult orders) $1,495.75
Sponsors $3,100.00

Net Academy Profit: $21,754.32

Expenses: $10,566.18

Lunch (The Lunch Box) $1,450.00
T-Shirts (Educational Outfitters) $4,564.85
Stamps $193.00
Printing/paper/envelopes $473.05
Other (copy expenses, misc & $3 ,885.28 preschool portion of donations)

Preschool Income: $3,484.50
Expenses: $20.17 Net Preschool Profit: $3,464.33

Day Care Payments

March day care invoices will be included in the April 12th parent envelope. The day care payment will be deducted from FACTS on April 16th.

New Fence for Garden Area!

We have installed a new 6’ privacy fence above the school garden. This fence replaces the 4’ wooden fence next to the Religious Education office facing the parking lot.



Book Fair!

Thank you to all who patronized our “Paws To Read” Scholastic Book Fair last week. We earned over $700 in Scholastic Book credit to use for our library. The teachers also appreciated the donations made to their classroom libraries by parents.

We are grateful for the time, energy, and talents of our Book Fair volunteers. Thank you to Shantala Cryns, Rhea Santos, Tawnya Macchiarella, Ellen Russell, Mitzi Elsten, Victoria Oderlin, Aleida Frutos, and Laura Morales for making this such a fun and worthwhile event for our school.

Staff Appreciation Thank You!

The staff enjoyed the wonderful lunch items from the second and sixth grade parents on staff appreciation day during conferences. Everything was very much appreciated by all.

Mountain Mike’s Tuition Assistance Fundraiser

We thank all the families that participated at Mountain Mike’s during conference week. This week we received a check from B.J’s Restaurant for $150.87 from January’s tuition assistance fundraiser. Thank you to Lee Ann Iagmin who organizes these fundraisers for our tuition assistance fund.

A Thank You from Ruben Lopez’s Daughter-In-Law

In Gratitude

Wife and children of Samuel Garcia Sanchez rest in peace.

We hereby give our gratitude for the immense support provided by St. Martin of Tours Academy. Without a doubt it will be of great help for my children Brian, Samantha and Abraham in these moments so difficult for us.

Thank you, Paola Palomares

• Board Study Session on School Safety – Tues. 4/3 at the LMSVSD @ 4:30PM- open to the public
• Easter break begins at noon today. School resumes on Monday, April 9
• Pep Rally – Friday 4/13 at 2PM in the school courtyard – sports pictures follow on the field
• 2017-2018 yearbooks – order by May 1

Please keep in your prayers Shirley Virissimo (Isabella gr. 5) and Monica Dietsch (grandmother to Madison (gr. 7) & Austin (gr1).


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