Parent Newsletter • February 1, 2018

Dear Parents,

Today, we begin our twenty-seventh annual Walkathon campaign. The event itself is a highlight of each school year. It’s an occasion when we can clearly see the spirit, teamwork, and cooperation that typifies this community. This year’s Walkathon promises to be as exciting and successful as in past years. Our chairperson, Tracy Giordano, has been working hard to make this year’s event even better. We will once again enjoy the beautiful scenery and facilities at Santee Lakes.

Besides being an occasion to gather and celebrate as a community, Walkathons have a record of being successful fundraisers. From our Walkathon last year, we updated the school’s sound system & finished paying for the rubberized flooring on the primary playground This year, we are asking for donations to replace the wood chips with rubberized flooring in the play area for grades 4th through 8th grades and to augment school operating costs. Our goal is to raise $20,000 to fund these projects.

I encourage you to get involved – most importantly, to send out the donation request letters to relatives, neighbors, friends and businesses. A separate Walkathon envelope is enclosed with form letters, envelopes and directions. Thank you in advance for your spirit and support for this very important fundraiser.

I hope to see you at the Open House this evening! We would like to see 100% participation. Enjoy tacos from Tacos La Mezcla beginning at 4:45pm and come to the classrooms at 6PM. Babysitting is available in the day care room. The food truck will be on campus until 7:30pm.

Friday is a teacher work day. Teachers will be working on curriculum. It is a minimum day. No hot lunch. Day care will be open until 6pm.

Toni Dimuzio, Principal


Walkathon Campaign Begins!

Enclosed in this parent envelope are all materials needed to kick-off our “SMA- Engaged Citizens of the World” Walkathon 2018! The date of the walkathon is on Friday, March 9th. The school’s goal is $20,000. We hope to have 100% participation to reach our goal. Teachers will also be explaining to the students about this worthwhile and fun event. As a fair trade designated school, we are offering fair trade, organic, cotton t-shirts! We are proud to purchase t-shirts that use organic fair trade cotton, union made in a Fair Trade USA® Approved Facility and dyed with low-impact colorfast non-animal dyes. The idea for our t-shirt logo was created by eighth grade students Christopher Dimolios and Alexandria Freeman. We thank Tracy Giordano for chairing this large event, Reina Castro for organizing the lunches and Tiffani Fleming for the updated “Spring” theme/design of our donation request letters.

Walkathon T-Shirt /Volunteer Info:

If you would like to order a Walkathon “SMA – Engaged Citizens of the World” adult t-shirt, the order form is enclosed. The order is due Friday, 2/12 with payment of $15.00 each. Please note: a Walkathon t-shirt has already been ordered for every student. They will receive it when at least 5 donation letters are turned in to the office for mailing. If you would like to volunteer for the Walkathon please complete and return the form in the packet with your letters.

Thank you to our corporate t-shirts sponsors: Juniper Landscape Company, Caliber Collision, Cal Water Jet and Rock Enterprises Construction Co. Their company logos will be placed on the back of the t-shirts!

Kindergarten Applications and New Students (Grades 1-8) 2018-2019 School Year

We are beginning our registration for the 2018-2019 school year for new students. First priority in applications is given to those already enrolled in our preschool and to siblings of those already enrolled in K-8. If there is a sibling entering first grade, they must be six years old by September 1. Kindergartners must be 5 years old by September 1. It is very important that all applications be filed by the end of February. Applications are available in the school office and on SMA’s website. Application fee is $35.00 per student.

Tax Information Requests

Please email Lynne Johnston, the bookkeeper, directly at: @ for your 2017 tax information.Please allow 2 business days for the information to be processed. Be sure to include in your email whether the total is sufficient or a statement is required. Thank you. Our school ID # 27-3859839.

Catholic School Week
Open House & Food Truck 4:45- 7:pm

Join families for a dinner in the courtyard & lunch area with Tacos La Mezcla. The food truck will be in front of school and will begin selling food from 4:45pm to 7:30pm. Prices range from $3-$13. At 6pm we encourage parents and students to participate in lessons and activities in the classroom as applied to Pilon® Workshop Way® Strategies in Action. Please bring your friends and neighbors, particularly those who may be considering Catholic education for their children.

6:00 – 6:30 Session 1 – The Workshop Way® Five Step Whole Class Lesson Plan
6:30 – 6:55 Session 2 – The Workshop Schedule of Tasks/Parent-Student Activity

Child care is available (5:55 – 7:00 PM) in the day care room for siblings who are not yet in school.

Friday – Jean Day with Class Color
K-Red • 1- Blue • 2 – Black & White • 3- Orange • 4- Yellow • 5- Purple • 6 – Gold/Silver • 7- Pink • 8 – Rainbow

Saturday – Sd Gulls vs Tucson Roadrunners at 7PM – Valley View Casino

On Tuesday, students brought in $1 to wear a “cap”. The proceeds will be sent to Caps for Kids. This non-profit helps children with cancer. The donations came to $219.00! Thank you to Student Council for organizing the events and activities and for Catholic Schools Week.

Alum of the Month – February 1, 2018

We are excited to introduce preschool parent & alum, Kelly “Clay” Phillipson from the Class of 1998 as our “Alum of the Month” for February.  Read about what she has been up since her graduation from SMA! Alum of the Month- February

Valentine’s Day Note (repeat announcement)

This year we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, 2/13. Ash Wednesday is the 14th which is not a “holy day of obligation” but a day of fasting. There is a school Mass at 8:30am. In addition, the sixth grade class leaves for Astro Camp. We want to be sure the class is included in celebrating Valentine’s Day at school. As Valentine’s Day approaches, if valentines are exchanged, one must be brought for each person in the class. (Most of the teachers will give their students the guidelines for their respective class.) IMPORTANT TO NOTE: baked goods (cupcakes, cookies, etc.), gifts, flowers, balloons, etc. are not to be brought to school for individual exchange among students.

Solar Installation Update

Construction began on Wednesday in the upper parking lot closing the main entrance to day care. For the rest of the week and possibly into next week for morning day care, students may come through the main front gates of the school. For afternoon day care, the front school gates will be open until 3:30pm. After 3:30 the Peace Garden gate will be open. You will not be able to walk from the school to the Peace Garden gate. Park at the parish hall and walk to the day care through the Peace Garden gate.

Catholic Relief Services Gift of Hope Tree

Our December outreach to CRS was a great success! With the funds donated, each class picked out what they wanted to purchase. The total order was: (1) cow, (1) wheel chair, (1) classroom desks for 13 children, (1) household garden, (1) 10 fruit trees, (1) fish for a pond, (1) quality seed for a Season, (1) flock of chickens, (1) rabbit, (2) health exams for 12 children, (5) mosquito nets, (1) wheelchair, (3) hand washing stations, (3) two bags of fertilizer (1) seed for a season, (1) prenatal care, (1) modified bicycle and (1) student uniform. The total amount donated was $1,602.00. Our children made a difference!


Minimum Day on Friday • no hot lunch • day care until 6pm
Return Catholic Identity Surveys
Bishop Flores Tuition Assistance Fund 1/2-2/28

Please keep in your prayers. . .David Doane and Alicia Crockett for healing.

~ Walkathon packets
~ DVD / Blu Ray of Carriers of the Light (for those who ordered one)
~ classroom newsletter (gr. 1)
~ vision screening results (grs. K, 3, 5, 8)
~ CYT at School after school program (MOANA)
~ Hola -Conversational Spanish! -after school class
~ parish bulletin



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