Sixth Grade Newsletter

January 2018

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.” -Romans 12:12

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year! I am hoping that you all had a festive yet restful holiday break. I want to say a very heartfelt thank you for all of your generous Christmas gifts.They were unexpected, thoughtful and very generous.

The first half of the school year has rapidly come to an end and the junior high teachers have witnessed significant growth in your child thus far in the school year. They continue to learn sixth grade curriculum with determination,
intelligence, and enthusiasm. Hopefully, the authentic moments of growth that I have observed in the classroom are continuing to influence other aspects of their lives as we challenge the students to grow academically, socially, and spiritually on a daily basis.

Conferences will resume until Friday. We have received very positive feedback in regards to our new conference format. Every student is unique and their holistic success requires the effort and insight of a multidisciplinary team, so we are grateful for the opportunity to have such genuine and comprehensive discourse about strategies of growth for your child each quarter.

Kristina Mosel

Curriculum . . .


We have begun a new unit in our StudySync textbooks titled “Facing Challenges”. This unit focuses on the thematic question, “When should we stand up for others and ourselves?”, through the process of reading and analyzing various types of fictional and informational texts. Each selection will continue to present students with reading strategies built around careful annotations and vocabulary acquisition, and literary analysis built around initial “Think” questions and more in depth “Focus” questions. They will continue to write free form responses, and they will be writing a research report on a famous African American during Black History Month (February). Please share in their learning process by asking them about some of the stories we are reading in class! SLE: 5b, 5a, 2d, 2b

Book Report # 3 – Biography/Autobiography on an influential African American

Language Arts/Writing:

The students have been actively studying how to identify thesis statements in various types of texts. They will continue to elaborate on their journal writing responses and practice in-class timed essays in order to develop and refine their writing skills. As an extended writing project, they will start to draft the introductory paragraph for their expository essays. SLE: 3d, 5a


In our religion books we have been learning about Moses and the Israelites as they confronted and persevered through prejudice, oppression, and exile. In our next unit, the students will focus on preparing for Lent. We will continue to discuss quotes from Pope Francis on a weekly basis in order to reflect on how we can embrace and apply our Catholic faith as more global and compassionate citizens. SLE: 1b, 1e

Math (with Mr. Woltz):

We will be completing our study of number theory and fractions over the next week. We’ll use this knowledge to begin working with fractions and basic algebra principles. This exploration of fractions will carry us through the rest of the quarter and will prepare us for our introduction to data and statistics.

 Science (with Ms. Zoni):

Students learned about Pangaea, continental drift, faults, and plate boundaries in our last chapter. This next chapter will focus on volcanoes, tsunamis, and earthquakes. Students will be working on an in-class partner project for the next week. They will be researching a specific volcano and creating a visual/informational poster board. Once all poster boards are created, presentations will begin.

Social Studies (with Ms. Zoni):

After the completion of our chapter on Mesopotamia, sixth grade students will begin learning about Ancient Egypt. We will start reading the new chapter this week which begins with an overview of the Nile River. In addition, we will be covering the ancient Egyptian civilizations, trade routes along the Nile, the ancient pyramids, and agriculture. As always, students will continue to be well informed of recent news and events around the world through Junior Scholastic magazine articles.





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