Second Grade Newsletter

June/Summer 2018

“Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” – Matthew 19:14

Farewell From Panda Country!!!! The last letter is always the hardest to write because it means the end of the year has finally arrived. A time that seemed so very distant in September is now a reality. We have spent 10 months getting to know one another and now, just when everyone is comfortable, it is time to move on. Life is like that – people come in and out of our lives and then leave us with memories.

When you were young, didn’t it seem like forever until that final bell? Nowadays, when I ring the last two bells of the day, my students ask me, “Is school over already?” The reason time moves so smoothly in the classroom is Workshop Way®. Our day flows from one subject to another in such a way that the day is over before we know it. This year we have had a great time covering the second grade curriculum and beyond.

One of my goals is to create an environment that will enhance the learning that takes place in my classroom. Working closely with you these past months has made the process much easier. Thank you for your continued support and thoughtfulness.

I hope that I have made a positive difference in your child’s life. Teaching is a gift from God, and I feel blessed to have been chosen to share my gift with your child/children this year. We have spent time reading Scripture and discussing the message it contains. You would be very impressed with the depth of understanding your child has of our faith. The insight from children is so pure. They prove how important they are to our faith. Jesus said, “Let the children come.”

I enjoy teaching here at St. Martin Academy because of the wonderful school philosophy that incorporates Workshop Way®. It doesn’t matter if your children were here at SMA for only one year, Workshop Way® will have an effect on them. You might not notice it now, but you will when they are older.

A special thanks to our great room parents Ellen Jacobs and Amy Kovar for all the time they put into our class this year. Thank you to all the drivers who took time to drive on our field trip to the zoo. What a special trip that was.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at our “Second Grade Annual Fishing Picnic” at Lake Murray. This will be our 27th family picnic (information on reverse).

Thanks again for all your support this year. Enjoy your children as they will grow up and be gone before you know it.

“Pilon’s contribution to education lies in the joining together consistently and integratively its organization and management for the use of time, content, strategies and communications with students with the system’s human growth emphasis. How can a teacher have human growth emphasis while teaching content of math or science or reading? For example to sharpen sense of hearing, in the WW approach, teachers use the Once Principle when they dictate directions from the daily risk exercises. An example from the text: “Class, I can say this only once.” or “Find the page and write two words that name an organ.” (Page 16) Students literally learn to sharpen their sense of hearing and seem to grow in confidence in their ability to hear as the days and weeks go by.”

(Excerpt from Workshop Way Newsletter by Mary Anne Dalton, SSJ)

Have a great summer,



Toni Mazzara

Curriculum . . .


• Have your child read chapter books to themselves and younger siblings.
• Play board games that require reading and counting.

• Review prayers learned this year.
• Attend Mass.

• Study and review the multiplication facts.
• Practice regrouping in addition and subtraction.
• Play board games that require adding and subtracting: Monopoly, Battleship,   Dominoes, dice and card games.

• Practice all the cursive letters.
• Have your child write a summer journal.
• Write and illustrate creative stories.
• Check your child’s pencil grip (the way your child grasps their pencil).

• When we finish our nutrition unit your child will know what they should choose for a healthy snack.




Look for the green and white canopy

◊ SUNDAY, JUNE 24th, 2018
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Fishing poles and chairs
bikes and scooters

daily permits and bait are available at the snack bar
Adults need a fishing license and a permit
Children age 7 and under fish free – age 8 and over need permit
Don’t forget to bring your lunch and drinks


Come for the picnic even if you don’t fish.
It’s a lot of FUN!














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