Kindergarten Newsletter

June 2018

“The child grew and became strong.” – Luke 2:40

Dear Parents,

Your children have shown so much growth this year. I am proud of them, as I hope you are, too.

As you make your summer plans, be sure to set aside time for reading, writing and math. Parents always ask me how they can provide opportunities in summertime so that their children are renewed and ready to learn again when August rolls around. One way is to challenge children with fun, age-appropriate activities. Offer a variety of challenges and let your child choose one thing they like.

Home Connection activities are a good place to look for meeting individual needs for children of all levels. Consistent reading aloud, journaling daily, and playing math games are just a few activities that will ensure your child is up to speed when school starts again.

Thank you for a wonderful and rewarding year. I feel honored to have been your child’s kindergarten teacher.

~ A Much Needed Thank You ~

It has been an incredible year! As I write this, we are in our last week of school. I would like to thank the parents who have volunteered their time and effort helping with the field trips, Walkathon, bake sale, book fair, supplies, snacks and conference feasts!

A special thank you to my room parent, Ashley Carpenter, for all of your know-how and “can-do” attitude. Thank you for all you have done!

God bless you!

Alice Gonzalez


This week we reviewed all letters and sounds focusing on blending, changing letters and sounds, and reading high–frequency words. We read simple readers and wrote in our journal daily. SLEs: 2a, b, 3a

Home Connection: Read, read, read with your child every day. Visit the local library with your child for some great selections.


The children:
• reviewed prayers learned in kindergarten
• reviewed Bible stories
SLEs: 1a, d

Home Connection: Pray and meditate as a family. Visit for more resources.


The children:
• compared the length and height of objects
• used nonstandard units of length to measure
• compared the weight and capacity of objects
• solved problems by making a graph
SLEs: 2b, d, 3b, 4a, 5b
CCSS Math K.MD 1, K.MD 2, FP: M

Home Connection: 1. Compare fruit by weight; 2. Make a life-size self portrait; 3. Play “What time is it?” using analog and digital clocks;

4. Visit for chapter-related resources.

Critical Thinking Summer Activities ~

• Build – Make a kite, a birdhouse, a boat or even a Lego or Rokenbok structure. Building accesses spatial temporal
reasoning and improves fine motor skills. Plus, most children become absorbed in the process of creation.

• Cook – Have your child help in the kitchen or become a junior chef for the day. Cooking utilizes reading skills, math skills, and basic judgement.

• Junior Scrabble – Scrabble builds vocabulary and spelling skills.

• Art – Get your child outside to work on landscapes, paintings or drawings. Cut and paste away!

• Read and Write – Activate your child’s storytelling abilities by reading a portion of a story and having her finish the story in her own words.

• Science – Visit Mount Palomar Observatory to see the second largest telescope in the world. Do simple science experiments: turn flowers different colors using food coloring; make music by filling bottles with different
levels of water; grow plants from seeds.

• Religion – 1. Learn a fun faith formation song. Have your child teach it to the whole family. 2. Take pictures of churches visited during vacation. 3. Collect church bulletins. 4. Take a statue of the Holy Family with you on
vacation. 5. Make a collage of vacation pictures that remind us of God’s gifts.

• Apps – Barnyard Math; Math Puppy; Splash Math; DynoMath; Starfall for reading and math; Brittanica for kids;
National Geographic for kids.

• Other – Do any of the Home Connection activities listed in my newsletters.
































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