First Grade Newsletter

June 2018

“The family is the salt of the earth and the light of the world; it is the leaven of society.” – Pope Francis

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow your children will become second graders. The year has gone by quickly. I am proud of this class – they work hard and have accomplished much this year.

A huge thank you goes out to our wonderful room parents, Mrs. Elsten and Mrs. Santos. They have been so generous with their time and energy!

In closing, I would like to thank all of you for sharing your children with me this year. They are a delightful and bright group that will go far in life. I enjoyed working with them and watching them grow every day. It is my prayer that you all have a safe and happy summer.

Marie Glick

Summer Activity Possibilities . . .

1. Attend a weekday Mass. Go to different parishes.
2. Go to Free Tuesdays at Balboa Park. Every Tuesday a few museums are free to San Diego County residents. Go to for the summer
3. Visit the library. Choose one topic to research (insects, marine animals. vol- canoes, etc). Get lots of books on that subject. Or choose an author
and get those books. The San Diego Central Library located downtown is a wonderful place.
4. Designate an area in your house for board games ad/or jigsaw puzzles. Leave the puzzle out and work on it throughout the day.
5. Save recyclable items (paper towel rolls, tissue boxes, oatmeal canisters, etc.).
Design and create unique machines, animals, houses, etc. This is a messy outside (patio) project but it’s so fun!
6. Take nature walks – Mission Trails, Torrey Pines, Lake Murray, Santee Lakes, Cabrillo Monument are great family friendly places.

7. Start a family gratitude journal. Each day everyone writes one thing that they are grate- ful for. Illustrations are a nice addition.
8. Cook together. Find a child-friendly recipe. Visit the local Farmers’ Market and buy your ingredients. This is a clever way to get in math practice (doubling a recipe, fractions, etc.).
9. Mail letters to family or friends. Everyone loves to get a note in the mail. Start early in the summer and the children will be able to write back and forth a few times.
10. Visit as many beaches as you can. Collect seashells from each one. Fill jars from each beach and label them. Keep the jars out on a shelf and during the winter it will bring back warm memories.
11. Make your own coloring book. One person draws the illustration. The other person colors it in.
12. Dance. Choose different genres/periods/styles of music such as Big Band, Elvis Presley, etc. Choreograph a dance to that song. This is a great way to introduce children to new music.
13. Bird watching. Keep a journal or make a graph of the birds in your yard. Try different types of bird seed and compare the birds that come to eat it. Look online for
San Diego County indigenous bird information.
14. Gather old magazines. Decide on a topic such as food, fish, transportation, etc. Make a collage.
15. Make a lemonade stand. If you put out signs the day before you will get more
customers. Give a portion of your proceeds to a charity. Be sure your customers know about the charity part – they tend to be more generous.
16. Make a prayer calendar. Write down a different person each day to pray for.
17. Visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. Promenade located downtown across the street from the Convention Center and near the San Diego Children’s Museum. Walk along
the path and read the quotes. You can lay large paper sheets down on the quotes
and make crayon rubbings to take home.
18. Buy a bus/trolley pass (go to for information and prices). Map out a route to your destination. Make a day of it. Just riding the bus or trolley is fun for children.
19. Sew, knit or crochet. Everyone should know how to sew on a button. Hobby Lobby and Joann’s has a variety of sewing projects to get started.
20. Clean out a closet and donate items to Father Joe’s or St. Vincent de Paul’s thrift store.

Enjoy your summer!














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