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We strive to help children to:
  • grow in the love of God and to appreciate all gifts of life
  • feel a sense of importance and worth for who they are
  • develop intellectual curiosity, creativity, and self-expression
  • feel excitement and enthusiasm for learning
  • build self-confidence and individuality
  • develop appreciation and a caring attitude for others
  • learn to interact with adults and peers
  • feel at ease in risking
  • develop independence in pursuing tasks


All aspects of the curriculum are designed to support and achieve our goals. Children are encouraged to listen, touch, smell, taste and observe in the process of learning. Experiences are provided in the areas of math, science, music, cooking, art, dramatic play, language and literature. Ample opportunities are provided for development of large and fine motor skills.

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Each teacher is highly dedicated to the development of young children, is certified in early childhood education.


The program is open to children 3 to 5 years of age and potty trained. An application form must be completed and a non-refundable fee paid before registration is considered. The fee will be refunded only if a child cannot be placed.

The following proof of immunizations must be documented before enrollment: (3) polio, (4) DPT, (1) MMR, (3) Hepatitis B, (1) Hib., (1) Varicella (Chickenpox) immunization or immunity.

Student Learning Expectations:

A student who advances from St. Martin of Tours Preschool is expected to be:
  1. An active Catholic Christian who:
    1. has grown in the love of God
    2. has developed an appreciation and a caring attitude towards others
    3. has learned to appreciate all of God’s gifts around them
    4. has built a friendship with Jesus through daily prayer
  2. A diligent learner who:
    1. feels a sense of importance and worth for who they are
    2. has developed intellectual curiosity, creativity, and self expression
    3. feels excitement and enthusiasm for learning
    4. feels at ease in learning and exploring new things
  3. A effective communicator who:
    1. has learned how to “use their words” to express their feelings
    2. good listening skills and can follow simple directions
    3. feels confident when talking to their friends as well as adults

Preschool Enrichment Programs

8am – 12pm

8am -4pm

Daycare Hours:

Available Monday through Friday
7am -8am (prearranged)


2 days – Tuesday & Thursday

(available for 3 year olds)

3 days – Mon. Wed. Fri.

5 days – Mon. – Fri.

All sessions include a lunchtime. Hot lunch is available through La Mesa Spring Valley School District.


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