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7th Grade
Mr. David Woltz

Seventh grade is a time of growing and learning.  This early adolescent period is full of life lessons academically, physically and morally. This is an exciting year for growth as the students meet challenges, experience successes and failures and develop a new sense of self-awareness.

As in all grades at St. Martin of Tours Academy we follow the diocesan and state curriculum guidelines.

Math: Through the pre-algebra program, the students are prepared for the analytical thinking of Algebra 1.

Science: In science learning about cell processes, the marvelous mechanisms of the human body and our impact on the environment allows the students to broaden their concepts of the world around them. This school year students were involved with Climate Control Student Summit through ANDRILL. Check out the video on YOUTUBE!

Language Arts: There is a wide diversity of stimulating, thought provoking literary selections. Though a variety of literary genres new worlds and experiences open up for the students to discuss and digest. Writing is an avenue for self-expression and creativity as well as an instrument to develop correct grammar and usage.

Religion: As we explore the life of Jesus, as seen through the words of the gospel writers, our Religion classes become arenas for building and strengthening a personal relationship with Christ and solidifying membership in the Church.

Seventh grade is a year filled with involvement, observation, encountering, and enlightenment – a year of growth.   Departmentalizing the curriculum provides more teacher expertise in each curricular area with better preparation for the compartmentalized nature of high school.

Mr. David Woltz


As part of the Life Science curriculum at SMA the 7th grade went on a community learning trip to Birch Aquarium. Community learning trips are ways to extend the classroom beyond SMA. During this trip the students observed marine environments and the plants and animals that inhabit them. They conducted learning activities in each of the various sections of the aquarium to enhance their understanding on the marine biosphere. The highlight of the trip was the dissection of a California Market Squid. This was conducted in the aquarium laboratory under the direction of aquarium staff. This hands on experience allows students to learn more detailed information about this unique creature but to also see and feel what working in a research laboratory is like.













3rd Annual STEAM Challenge May 2017

Two seventh grade teams represented SMA at the STEAM Challenge on Wed. afternoon.  Student were given the task to design and build an engineering solution with Rokenbok in just one hour!  The challenge was held at Good Shepherd.  There were 8 teams in the event.

3rd Annual STEAM Competition – 7th gr. boys team

3rd Annual STEAM Competition – 7th gr. girls team May 2017









7th grade girls Rokenbok Competition Video

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