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3rd Grade
Mrs. Diane Hartley
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Dear Parents,

I would like to welcome you to 3rd grade!
This year the students will continue on their educational journey in their academic skills as well as their life skills. Self-esteem, risk taking skills, and decision making are strengthened through the daily routine, while studying the curriculum and meeting the state standards.

In religion class the students will learn ways they can actively participate as members of the Church, especially through prayer and worship.  The students will explore questions of faith and spirituality, while reflecting on the mystery of God’s love. The students will have experience with the Bible, primarily the Gospels, as well as with the liturgy of the Church.

Language Arts/Reading:
All the units in the reading series “Imagine It” are organized around a central theme. All these allow students to expand on prior knowledge and experiences such as kindness, or courage, while others involve students in the research process and discovery. Phonics, word fluency, vocabulary, grammar, usage and mechanics are addressed in whole class lessons, and reading sessions.

In math this year students will review place value up to the hundred thousands, and work addition and subtraction problems with regrouping. We will use basic multiplication facts and practice multiplication and division up to the 9’s.  Then we will multiply up to four digits by a 1 digit multiplier, and begin long division. Geometry, fractions, measurement, and decimals will also be covered.

Student learn “weaving” as part of the lesson on the Kumeyaay Indians.

Social Studies:
In general, third graders learn all about communities!  While working we learn about geography, early Native Americans, as well as the local Kumeyaay band, how newcomers leave their mark on the land, and how communities change over time. We finish by celebrating our country of America.




This year we will touch on all of the sciences.  We begin with a unit on life sciences, discussing adaptations, and changes in environments. Next we study earth sciences and discuss the solar system and cycles and patterns in space. Last, the physical sciences, in which we study matter, and energy. Our quarterly “Science Days” are held in the parish hall with project based learning activities.

I look forward to a great year together!

Mrs. Diane Hartley



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