1st Grade

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1st Grade
Mrs. Marie Glick
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Mrs. Tina McNulty

Welcome to first grade!

Children are a special gift from God. The environment of both our school and classroom reflects the presence of God in our lives.

First grade students in computer class with Mrs. Collins.

First grade is a crucial year for building reading and writing skills. We spend much time each day on building literacy skills in many different ways. In mathematics, we continue to work on strengthening our students’ number sense with daily hands-on activities and cooperative group learning. Science offers students the chance to learn about and explore the world around them, including plants, animals, and weather. In social studies, first graders learn about their local community.

This includes field trips to the La Mesa fire station and library. Our students also explore other, more distant cultures, discovering in the process both their similarities and differences. Most importantly, we focus on our Catholic faith which provides the foundation of our lives.

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