Wendy Freed Newmark – Class of 1973 • January 2017

I was the first of 5 Freeds to attend Saint Martin Academy.  I have many fond memories of my time at SMA and made many good friends, many of whom I continue to socialize and work with.

I credit St. Martin’s with providing me a solid academic foundation which I was able to build upon as I progressed through my educational career. I entered St. Martin’s in first grade and completed 8th grade in 1973.  Afterwards I attended Helix High School (Go Scotties!) and then received my Bachelor’s degree and teaching credential from San Diego State University (Go Aztecs!)  I have a Master’s degree in Educational Technology from National University (Do they even have a Mascot?) and later went back to State (Go Aztecs again!) to complete my Administrative Credential. I have been an educator for 27 years now, 18 years as a bilingual teacher, 2 years as the Vice Principal of a Middle School and 7 years as an elementary school principal. I have been married to my wonderful husband Randy for 36 years and have two adult children.  I believe my experiences at St. Martin’s helped to ignite my passion for reading and learning.  I would like to thank Sr. Paulana Marie, Mrs. Roy, Mr. Matarazo, Sr. Cleetus, Mrs. Adario, Mrs. Angel Ryan,  Mrs. Renny and all the other teachers and staff members who provided me and my brothers and sister with a loving and rigorous learning environment which helped me to become the successful person that I am today.  On a side note, as crazy as it sounds, I can still sing all the words to the St. Martin Academy School Anthem, go figure.St. Martin's graduation

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