Phillip Giordano – Class of 1988

St. Martins of Tours Parish and Academy has played a very special role in my life for…well, my entire life! I was baptized here and I began attending SMA as a kindergartner in 1980. I was a shy kid at first but made a lot of my best friends to this very day over the years there including Matt Friend, John Avalos, Vito Del Gatto and Brandon Gavin. I still keep in touch with all of them and we get together whenever we can. Some of my best memories include playing soccer, especially against OLG! (That rivalry never ends!); attending 6th Grade Camp at Camp Stevens; and all of my friends asking for some of my lunch because my sweet Italian mother Rose Mary would always pack a full spread from dinner the night before…. Meat balls, spaghetti, spedini, meat loaf, you name it!

My younger brothers Gabe and Kris also attended SMA and it’s so awesome, and sometimes surreal, to see their children now playing and enjoying this special place just like we did not so long ago.

Today I have a very active life with the love of my life Charlene and we now live in the very house that I grew up in about a mile away so St. Martin’s continues to be our parish to this day. Charlene is a fitness professional and I own a life settlement business here locally in La Mesa. As adults we have loved getting to know more of our fellow parishioners and getting more involved in Church. I’ve recently joined the Knights of Columbus and for 2 years now we’ve felt blessed to contribute and participate in the Build A Miracle program in Tijuana (I highly recommend this amazing program if you’d like to join us next year).

Build A Miracle – painting at our St. Martin’s house!

I’m grateful my parents made the choice to make the investment and send us to SMA. I credit the education there greatly by giving me a solid start to moving on to Helix and excelling and then graduating from college at Brigham Young University (yes, I was one of the few Catholics there…along with my brothers for a while ).

But more than just a great education, SMA set the Christian foundation for my life which has positively
impacted me for all these years and for that, I am forever grateful.

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