Max Kathol- Class of 2004 • November 2017

What an honor to be named alum of the month! I never thought I  would  be sitting at my desk typing up a synopsis of what I have been accomplishing since graduating from SMA. It all started for me in preschool. I, believe it or not, still have very close friends from this class. Some friends I picked up along the way as they entered SMA at different times but we still all manage to make time to see each other. Some of my favorite memories are from my days spent playing catch, kicking the soccer ball around or just lunch time where we would all trade our lunches around depending on what our parents packed us for the day. My mom, Denise, was very supportive of all the extracurriculars that came with being a student at SMA. Between the three sports I was playing throughout the year, Mexican dance class, drama, and the multiple retreats and classes for youth leadership, she was able to juggle it all. P.E. was an easy favorite of mine and many others as Coach Marty took us out of the classroom to let out our energy or as he would say “lets light this candle!”. My parents were both regulars at Sunday mass and therefore it was only right I became an altar boy and later an usher (once the robes became too short). I enjoyed many Masses with Father Sproul, Father O’Neil, Father Neeley, and Father Keller. I bet you could guess that between Sister Jackie and Father Sproul I would be inspired to continue on this path of service for others. I learned many life lessons serving these outstanding role models. I was part of the class of 2004 and later the class of 2008 graduating from St. Augustine High School. I guess you could say I followed in my older brother, Joe Kathol’s footsteps. I went on to complete my first year at SDSU in the civil engineering department but working two jobs in the hospitality industry lead me to steer away from college and continue on a path in hospitality. Today, I manage over 100 employees at Searsucker in the Gaslamp District of Downtown. Our restaurant has received many awards over the years and in my spare time I also studied to be a CA licensed Realtor and purchased my first home this past February. Real Estate has always

Hiking at Mt. Whitney.

been a hobby of mine mostly because my father, Greg Kathol, is a General Contractor. I have consulted for friends and family but truly love walking people through the process of buying or selling their home.

Workshop Way helped me in so many ways because I was able to learn time management and to this day I live by the “on your plate, off your plate”  rule to help maintain my focus in completing tasks before I start a new one.​

Max has an ad in the back of our Parish Bulletin (Max Kathol Consultant / Realtor) if you are interested in contacting him. @


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