Lauren Funk – Class of 2005 • March 2018

Bake sales, roller skating, pizza parties, little friends, big friends, soccer, basketball, field trips and the Big Ten…well maybe not the Big Ten since the students were too cool to attend but when I think about my time at St. Martin’s a lot of these memories come to mind along with lasting friendships and a family I will always have.

I continue to attend Mass at St. Martin’s and keep in contact with a number of people from my class and their families. Since graduating I went to Helix High School, then community college and finally at SDSU graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Management/Administration.


Before I found the job I am at now, I decided to spend some time with my new niece and took a trip for 6 weeks to Europe. I was able to visit some exchange students my family had hosted over the years and a couple other families. My mom was able to meet me for a couple weeks in the middle of my trip so we got to experience Europe together for the first time. After she went back home, I continued the last couple weeks on my own traveling through England and Ireland. My semi solo trip to Europe was very rewarding, scary, and unforgettable.

Over the years I have been a part of some of the most important parts of my SMA friends’ lives: weddings, new babies, and the fun continues.  Looking back at my days at the academy, being independent was very important through Workshop Way and as students we got to accomplish tasks at our own pace. This was a good transition especially in the morning time that way when the class got together for a lesson, everyone was pretty much settled in and there were less distractions.

Right now, I am using my Business Management/Administration degree to its advantage and working at an accounting business that does accounting and human resources for many restaurants/businesses around San Diego and beyond.

I can’t imagine how different my life would be without having gone to St. Martin Academy and attending the church as well. Some of my best friends are from the relationships I formed at school and that isn’t something everyone expects to still have 10 years and on graduating from a class of 30. Let the traditions continue!!!



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