Irene “Perkovac” Becker – Class of 1968 • January 2018

Memories of St. Martin Academy:

• The first day of school in 4th grade, walking up and not knowing where I was supposed to go. It happened that my teacher, Mrs. Nixon found me and welcomed me to St. Martin Academy.
• Taking Spanish classes, which was unheard of in public schools.
• Playing team ball and dodgeball on the parking lot.
• Competing in a track and field event ever, and winning a third place ribbon.
• The annual Halloween carnival which was always one of the most anticipated events of the year.

I was about 12 when I received my Confirmation from St. Martin of Tours

After graduating from St. Martin Academy, I attended Rosary High School. I was successful in completing an undergraduate and a graduate degree from San Diego State University in Social Work. I was a child welfare worker, supervisor and trainer for San Diego County for almost 18 years. I then went to work for a training Academy in San Diego which I worked for 17 years. I had a break within that 17 years and for three years went to work in Washington state on the adult side of social work training and did some contract monitoring for mental health. I loved my career in social work, with all of its ups and downs.

I have been retired for about a year now and trying out new things like golf and art. I do a little bit of traveling. Beyond that, its visiting my son’s family in Denver, and spending time with my husband. I still do a little work on the side, so I consider myself semi retired.

What I took away from St. Martin Academy:
A great education. A clear sense of helping those who where

Becker wedding at St. Martin of Tours in 1977

less fortunate. From collecting for missions in Africa, to treating all people as equals, this sense of helping guided me in my career choice as a social worker.

I am one of the organizers for our 50th class reunion in September 2018. Please contact me if you are from the Class of 1968. We look forward to seeing all of our classmates! @

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