Monthly Archives: September 2017

PNL 9/27/17

ANNOUNCEMENTS Great Cash Giveaway Update Five families have completed their “Family Dozen” within the first week of our SMA Great Cash Giveaway.  Please continue...   Read More

PNL 9/21/17

Dear Parents, If hard work and a lot of advance preparation is joined together with energy and enthusiasm, then our 25th Annual Great Cash...   Read More

PNL 9/14/17

Dear Parents, This summer, the teachers and I read the book, Unselfie, Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World, by Michele Borba, Ed.D....   Read More

PNL 9/8/17

ANNOUNCEMENTS Meet our Room Parents These are some very important people in our community.   We appreciate each and every room parent. Already they have...   Read More

Michael Sable Class of 1967 • Sept. 2017

It all began with my Mom’s parents moving to La Mesa in 1925.  My grandmother was St. Martin’s choir director and organist for many,...   Read More

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