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Mark Ignacio – Class of 2000 • October 2016

Mark entered St. Martin of Tours Academy in the fourth grade and while he did not realize at the time, those formative years would...   Read More

PNL • September 29, 2016

Great Cash Giveaway Update Five families have completed their “Family Dozen” within the first week of our SMA Great Cash Giveaway.  Please continue to...   Read More

SMA Featured in the East County Californian!

Somewhere in the world, a coffee farmer’s community is being benefited by the choice a La Mesa school made to serve his coffee and...   Read More

St. Martin’s at the International Day of Peace Event

Building Blocks of Peace September 23, 2016 | La Mesa Courier By Joyell Nevins No matter what faith tradition you embrace, there is a...   Read More

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PNL • September 22, 2016

Dear Parents, If hard work and a lot of advance preparation is joined together with energy and enthusiasm, then our 24th Annual Great Cash...   Read More

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